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October 29, 2019 Bucks Party

For uni students like you, a buck’s party is quite a night to remember. It’s when you and the boys crack open a cold one, enjoy some naughty stuff, and go wild. You’re young university blokes, so Australia’s your oyster!

For those who are trying to organise buck’s parties, you need the best party supplies to enjoy. There’s no party if all you have are some chairs and tables. Not sure which supplies to buy?

No worries.

We have one of the best guides on the best party supplies for a buck’s party. This list is a great checklist you can use to give your university bros the night of a lifetime.

Hosting an awesome buck’s party

When you’re trying to start a buck’s party, some supplies are essential for a good time. All these are vital to having a happy, wild time with the boys. A quick glance at the list includes:

These party supplies look like a lot to remember. If you want the best party supplies for a buck’s party, these are absolute picks for that uni party. These five buck’s party supplies will make any Australian bucks party something to remember.

Overflowing party booze

Best Party Supplies for a Buck's Party -

What’s the point of a uni students bucks’ party without drinks? Alcohol is awesome with your university friends. When cracking it with the boys, it’s vital to stock up on alcohol to keep it flowing.

It’s best if you can get something top-shelf for the party. It assures that everyone in the party gets stone drunk. If you don’t have the funds for it, you want a few essential drinks.

You want at least one or two sipping drinks, together with a dark liquor and a clear liquor. You would want some ingredients to make cocktails with it, too, including some liqueurs and bitters. Some lemons, limes, and salt and soft drinks should be ready as well.

Lots of delicious grub

Best Party Supplies for a Buck's Party -

There’s no point in having a near unlimited supply of alcohol if you don’t have the grub for it. You can order some pizzas and some wings, and you should be good to go. If you have the time and the means, you would want to cook some too.

For uni students going to a bucks party, make sure you have some protein. It will help everyone handle alcohol better. Load up on some sides and dips that everyone would love, together with some delicious crisps.

Glassware and tableware

Best Party Supplies for a Buck's Party -

Proper glassware and tableware are great for a proper bucks party. Sure, you may be uni students, but red cups and some cheap plastic plates aren’t going to cut it. You don’t have to go full silverware and fine china, but you need something decent.

Some cheap metal forks, spoons, and knives should do it.  Additionally, a few cheap porcelain plates shouldn’t be much trouble if one or two breaks. You need, however, some good glassware.

You want at least two glasses per person – one for alcohol and one for water. Shot glasses and whiskey tumblers are a must.

Naughty adult entertainment

Best Party Supplies for a Buck's Party -

Naughty adult entertainment is not party supply per se, but who cares, right? Having some naughty strippers with you can make the party that much hotter. You can do many things by having female strippers at the party, and the limit is your imagination.

First, you can get topless waitresses doing the service for the blokes. All those naughty bits hanging out for your eyes to see is quite the sight to behold. You can also get some exotic dancers and have them do a nice XXX strip show.

Get both adult options and surprise your uni mates with one of the best nights of their lives.

Buck’s party games

Best Party Supplies for a Buck's Party -

To cap off the night, you want to have buck’s party games with you, which means you need party supplies. You can go with the classic beer pong, so cups, a table, and some alcohol are ideal. There are also classic games like some poker chips and some game cards.

There are many options for different party games, from shot roulettes to truth or dare darts. For the nerdier uni students, board games and naughty games like Cards Against Humanity work awesome.

Get the best party supplies for a buck’s party

For the best party supplies for a buck’s party, you need the essentials down pat. Booze, food, glassware, games, and some adult entertainment will keep the party going.

If you’re looking for the best female strippers and exotic dancers this side of Australia, check out Central Coast Strippers. We have the sexiest and naughtiest girls that will make you stand in attention.

Talk to us and party up, cowboys! Our ravishing adult entertainers will help you make this bucks party the talk for years to come.

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