General Terms

1.1. We do not provide any sexual services of any kind. Please don’t ask our contractors for sexual services as you can offend him or her. Damiens Party Entertainment is an adult entertaining company that provides models, waitresses and strippers for private and corporate events. It’s the client responsibility that all guests of the function are informed about our terms and conditions.

1.2. Due to last minute changes, cancellations, illness, etc, Damiens Party Entertainment may replace/substitute a model/waitress/stripper which was selected by the client for the event. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences [look, dress size, bust size, etc]. If possible we’ll try to inform you of this change as soon as possible. In case of substitution Damiens Party Entertainment will not give a refund or any other compensation.

1.3. If there are any models on our website whom you specifically do NOT want at your event, or you would prefer no entertainer rather than a girl/guy, you must notify us when booking.

1.4. Damiens Party Entertainment only engage the service of independent contractors. The models, waitresses, strippers and actors are responsible for their own liability insurances. In case a contractor causes any damage, it will be a legal matter between the client and the contractor. Damiens Party Entertainment can not be held responsible. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure adequate levels of public liability insurance exist to cover all contractors used at their location. Please note: Damiens Party Entertainment is not reliable for any loss or liability that may incur, not limited to personal injury and/or loss, of property.

1.5. Be aware of any uncontrollable factors [weather, traffic, other venues, etc] that can cause a delay on the requested start time. The maximum delay for waitresses is 30 minutes and for strippers an hour. In case this might happen we thank you for your flexibility in advance.

2. Pricing

2.1. A deposit is required to confirm your booking. This transaction can be made by supplying your credit card information over the phone or by bank account deposit. The amount of this deposit varies depending on the type of services/packages. Refunds are only available in case of a private function and as long as there’s been a cancellation time frame of at least 7 days. In case of a cancellation of a packaged event [such as a Night Club Promo, Fundraising Event, Boat Cruise, Poker Night, Golf Day, etc] the deposit is not refundable.

2.2. All prices quoted exclude GST.

2.3. In case the pick up and drop off location of your function is not the same [eg Boat Cruise with a destination] you are required to cover the costs of taxi/ferry for the model/waitress/stripper return journey. Inform us if this is the case with your function, otherwise we’ll charge the costs on your credit card, plus an extra 10% fine.

2.4. Any overtime (on request, boat delays, etc) for a model/waitress/stripper will be charged.

2.5. Full payments for any package [Such as Boat Cruise, Poker Night, Golf Day etc] are required to be paid to Damiens Party Entertainment 7 days before the event. If the funds are not received within 7 days your booking may be cancelled and your deposit will be non refundable.

3. Refunds

3.1. For No-Show – Client is entitled to a full refund of your deposit for any no-show. Please request your refund via email or text message.

3.2. For Late Arrival – If a model or waitress is more than 1 hour late, without an advance notice, you are entitled to cancel this service and you will get a full refund of your deposit. For a stripper this same procedure applies in case he/she arrives 1.5 hours late. You are entitled to shorten a booking if your model or waitress arrives more than 30 minutes late, by no more than the amount of time he/she is late. Please request your refund via email or text.

3.3. By paying a model/stripper in cash on the night of the event you are confirming that the correct services have been provided and that you are satisfied with the services provided. Any concerns you have after paying the model/stripper have to be taken up with the model/stripper on the night of the event and not with Damiens Party Entertainment.

3.4. Damiens Party Entertainment is not liable for the refund or receipt of any payments made in cash on the night of your event.

3.5. If any package booking [Such as Boat Cruise, Poker Night, Golf Day etc] is cancelled with notice less than 7 days, an additional cancellation fee of $200 may apply.

3.6. In case of a cancellation of a packaged event [such as Boat Cruise, Poker Night, Golf Day, etc] the deposit is not refundable.

4. Rules for a Function

4.1. Payment of a model/waitress/stripper has to occur in cash on the moment he/she arrives. If the full cash payment is not received during the function, Damiens Party Entertainment. may charge $50 on top of the outstanding amount. The total amount will be withdrawn from the provided credit card details.

4.2. You cannot touch a model/waitress/stripper, unless you are invited to do so.

4.3. Cameras, videos and mobile phones recording of a model/waitress/stripper is NOT allowed. Unless an explicit permission from a model/waitress/stripper is received.

4.4. If a stripper is accompanied by personal security, you’re not allowed to refuse the attendance of this person. There is a possibility that we require you to provide a changing room for the stripper. Please inform us in case you want the stripper to be in costume upon arrival [eg. in case of a surprise act].

4.5. If any of these above mentioned rules are broken, the model/waitress/stripper has the right to leave immediately without notice, and no refund will be given.

4.6. Any misconduct, verbal or physical abuse during the event/show towards the model/dancer is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If the model/dancer feels they are being mistreated they have the right to leave the event right away. No refund will be provided.

5. Deposits

5.1. Deposits for Packages booked through Damiens Party Entertainment. (Such as Boat Cruise, Poker Night, Golf Day etc) are non refundable.

5.2. Deposits can be paid by bank transfer or credit card.

If your deposit is paid by bank transfer  we will need to see full cleared funds the day of or before your event. Or we will require to see bank receipts of transfer confirmation. Damiens Party Entertainment may still require your credit card details as additional security to confirm your booking.

6. Cancellation

6.1. Bookings cancelled with 14 days notice will be refunded the full amount of the deposit (Except Boat Cruises/ Poker Nights and other packaged events or deals).

6.2. Bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours will forfeit the booking deposit.

6.3. Bookings with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for the full amount of the booking.

6.4  No reductions from original booked package event within 14 days unless upgrading or adding on to the original package. Reductions to pre organised packages made within 14 days will still be required to pay the total package amount as previously arranged on booking confirmation.

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