5 Reasons to Hire a Fatogram

5 reasons to hire a central coast fatogram
August 12, 2019 Fatograms

Make your hens party more fun with an incredible fatogram show

Planning a party is not an easy task. From birthday parties to bucks’ or hens’ parties, there are many things that you must consider. Aside from the budget, location, food, and guest list, you have to come up with the programme for the night. The goal, of course, is that the guest of honour will enjoy the party.

You can hire professional strippers to make your all-adult party in Australia’s Central Coast even more exciting. Throw in some topless waiters to make dinner even more sumptuous. Strippers and topless waiters are fun and sexy, and they can make your party hotter. However, if you want to take it to the next level, then you should hire a fatogram.

A fatogram is a plus size male or female stripper. If you want to make your party unforgettable, then you should consider booking a fatogram. Fatograms can add some crazy fun to the night. Make your bucks’ party, hens’ night, or birthday party the talk of the town with professional fatograms.

If you are still in doubt, here are five reasons why you should book a fatogram for your next party.

1. Pull the prank of a lifetime on your friend.

hire a central coast fatogram to pull a prank

Friends love to pull pranks on one another. The more embarrassing the prank, the better. What better way to prank your friend on his birthday than hiring a fatogram. The pictures and videos you will have from the party will definitely be a hit among you and your friends.

2. You want the bride or groom to have a fantastic night.

hire a central coast fatogram to have a fantastic night

A bucks’ party is a celebration of your friend’s journey towards married life. Of course, your friend will expect a hot stripper. Imagine his face when a fatogram walks in. As the oldies would say, it’s a perfect Kodak moment. The dawning shock and astonishment on the groom’s face will be something you all can always talk and laugh about.

Of course, there are also male fatograms that you can hire for your girlfriend’s hens’ night. An overweight man gyrating while undressing will surely make the bride and your friends roll with laughter. A professional male fatogram can bring the house down and make it a night everyone will never forget.

3. You want your party to be entertaining and fun.

hire a central coast fatogram to make your party fun

Sure, a hens’ or bucks’ party should have hot strippers. However, the sexy act can get old, and you may want to add something extra. Fatogram acts can range from dominatrix fatograms to police fatograms. A fatogram can amp up the fun and laughter in every party. Veer away from traditional parties and have a night of hilarious fun and entertainment with a fabulous and talented fatogram.

4. You want your party to be unique.

fatogram central coast unique party

Most bucks’ parties, hens’ night, and birthday celebrations follow the same routine. Dinner, wine, some singing, and strippers. Make your party unique with a hired fatogram. The embarrassment and shock that the celebrant will feel is the ultimate college prank and payback. With fatograms, your party will never have a dull moment.

5. Fatograms can break the tension.

break the tension with a central coast fatogram for hire

At a party where not everyone is best buddies, a fatogram can break the tension. Nothing brings people closer, like shared jokes and laughter. Your party guests will walk out as friends after a night of hilarity and fun.

Call Central Coast Strippers for your strippers and fatogram needs!

Central Coast Strippers is committed to providing only the best adult entertainment. From Gosford to Terrigal, we have your party needs covered. Leave it to us to give you and your friends a night you will never forget. Our strippers, topless waiters, gorilla grams, female fatograms, and male fatograms will provide you with naughty yet classy fun. Call us now for a sizzling night of music, dancing, and laughter.

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