Why Every Great Hen Party Needs a Male Stripper

Are you planning a hen party for one of your besties? If so, the pressure’s on you to give her a night she’ll never forget.

Sure, you could hit a bar or pub like 83% of all hen or stag parties do. But why settle for what everyone else is doing when you could plan something more original–and a lot more fun?

In this post, we’ll reveal why hiring a male stripper is a perfect choice for your upcoming hen party.

What Will My Friends Think?

True, we don’t know your friends personally. But we have good reason to think they’ll love the idea of a sexy man dancing for them. For starters, stripping no longer has the negative connotation it did in the past. Rather than dark alleys and dingy nightclubs, we now see professional male strippers touring the globe and performing on the world’s biggest stages.

Rather than going for shock value or embarrassment, today’s male strippers are classy, charming, and professional. Women of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy their performance–even 100-year-old grandmothers. Still unsure? Well, remember when it came out that Hollywood hunk Channing Tatum used to be a male stripper?

He took that publicity and turned a low-budget film–Magic Mike– into a $167 million success story. Even if you never saw the film, we’re sure you blushed a little when you saw the previews. The point is that women love to look at attractive men–even if they don’t admit it aloud. It’s only natural.

And since male stripping has evolved into a respectable profession, it’s the perfect choice for a fun (but harmless) night of entertainment. Pitch the idea to your group of girlfriends, and we guarantee they’ll want to give it a try.

two male strippers with police officer uniform

Tailor Your Night to Suit Your Friends

Another great thing about hiring a male stripper for your hen party? You can keep it as tame–or make it as wild–as you want. Let’s say you’ve rented a holiday house for the weekend. Your group of friends is on the conservative side, so you’re celebrating with a beautifully prepared meal at home.

Who says you can’t hire a few topless male servers for your dinner party? Everything stays G-rated, but you and your friends still get plenty of eye candy to enjoy during dinner. Think your friends would fancy something a little wilder? No problem. Kick things up a notch by hiring a male stripper to perform in a G-string–or less!

Is the bride-to-be an artsy type? Another fun idea is to hire a stunning male model for a life drawing session. Imagine the fun you’ll have sketching or sculpting the perfect male form.

Should your subject be clothed or au natural? We’ll leave that decision up to you.

Get Ready for the Ultimate Hen Party

Are you ready to throw an unforgettable party for your soon-to-be-married friend? Central Coast Strippers offers a variety of hen party packages to suit every taste and budget. Whether you want to be served by sexy waiters or you’re looking for something more risque, our professional male strippers can deliver.

Click here to make a booking or request more information. Whatever you envision for your upcoming hen party, we’ll make it happen.

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