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January 9, 2019 Strip shows

A lot of blokes, including uni students, just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a strip show after a long and tiring week. Most of them either casually go to strip clubs or, on special occasions, book local Central Coast strippers. The latter is definitely better if you are into a more private performance.

Keep in mind that these kinds of strip shows contain material that is considered unsuitable for persons under 18 years of age. But do not fret; for uni students who will soon come of age, this is the perfect time to plan for your coming of age party. What better way to celebrate it than with an R-rated or X-rated strip show?

In this article, we compare and contrast these two so you can get to choose which performance is right for you!

What are R-rated strip shows?

If you are looking for a show that will surely give you pleasure and fun, R-rated shows are the ones for you! These shows contain sexual themes that have quite a high degree of intensity but are not explicit. Will there be topless models and nudity? Of course, there will be! Just make sure to keep your hands off; these shows are meant for your eyes only!

That said, R-rated shows are definitely not of a lesser quality than the X-rated ones. In fact, our R-rated shows offer the hottest performances guaranteed to get you going no matter what occasion. Perfect for birthdays, bucks’ nights, stag parties, special events, and of course, coming of age parties for college students, R-rated shows will give you and your mates a night to remember.

The show begins with a sexy dance from one of our gorgeous girls meant to please everyone. Then the man of the hour – or you, if you get lucky – gets a close-up lap dance with our Central Coast female strippers! As the dance continues, get ready to feast your eyes for a slow and seductive strip tease, with a sexy music to accompany it. To make things spicier, get ready to be teased as our gorgeous female stripper takes off her clothes piece by piece until there’s nothing left but her G-string. To top it all off, get ready to be amazed as the last piece of clothing comes off for a grand finale.

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What’s in an X-rated strip show?

Does the thought of R-rated strip show sound mundane or mild for your tastes? If you are looking for a more sexual performance, X-rated strip shows are for you! These shows contain performances that are pornographic in nature. How are these shows better than porn, you ask? Well, for one, you get to see the action live with your own eyes! With the most popular and explicit shows available, get ready to spice up the night to a whole new level.

You may be asking what sets X-rated strip shows apart from other performances. Basically, X-rated strip performances offer a more intense sexual viewing experience. You get to see talented, sexy girls pleasure themselves in a highly erotic way. To make it more pleasing, you get to watch them play with their toys.

Normally, the night begins with a seductive dance from the lovely ladies. You might think there is nothing to set this apart from our other shows, until all of a sudden, she will take her toys out. Now, you get to feast your eyes with a show more than a striptease. Watch as our gorgeous girl pleasure herself with vibrators, sex machines, or other toys.

Want to watch a more intense physical action? Then book for a lesbian performance with two of our gorgeous and sexy girls! Double the fun, excitement, and pleasure as not one, but two of our best-looking performers pleasure each other right before your eyes.

Book for an X-rated or R-rated strip show now!

Now that you know the difference of X-rated and R-rated shows, are you man enough and ready for some live action? Then make sure to check our bucks party package services and book our Central Coast strippers for your next party.

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