Your Checklist for an Unforgettable Bucks Night

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October 27, 2017 Bucks Night ideas

Few will admit it, but the bucks’ night is one of the most memorable days in a bloke’s life. It’s his last hurrah, as some would say.

However, planning a bucks’ night may not exactly be walk in the park. Giving the groom the most exciting and fun night of his life requires a lot of preparation and creativity.

If you are planning a bucks’ night then this checklist will make your life a whole lot better. Read on and check off every item on this list for an exciting bucks’ night.

1. Guest list

One of the first things you must do when organising any kind of party is to make a guest list. This will help you assess what kind of party you will have. Will it be an intimate gathering of close friends? Or do you plan to invite all the groom’s friends since childhood?

Making a list of who to invite may give you a headache but after this task is done, the other tasks on your list will be easier. After you finalise your guest list, get all their contact information.

2. Budget

Even if you want to throw the best party in town, much of how your party will go will depend on how much money you are willing to spend. You’ll be making reservations ahead of time. As such, knowing how much money you have will avoid unnecessary problems like running out of funds. Make it a point to inform everyone to pay on time to avoid the hassle of checking up on them when your budget runs out.

3. Date

Now that you have your guest list, you can check with everyone when their best available time is. Communicating with different people can be a bit tricky. Some people may be available on certain days while others may not. It will help if you prepare a list of ideal dates and then have them check which days are available for them.

When setting the date, do not set it too close to the wedding. Since most of you will probably be drinking like there’s no tomorrow, you will all need time to recover from nasty hangovers.

4. Venue

With the budget in mind, you can set the venue for your bucks’ night. Do you want to spend it out of town, or do you want to go all out on a trip abroad? It all depends on what kind of entertainment you want and how important you think the venue is for your party. Looking at your guest list will give you some idea on what kind of party to plan.

Do you want a sports or adventure kind of bucks’ night, or do you want a booze and strippers kind of party. Theme parties require special venues. It’s all down to your creativity and resourcefulness to decide which one is perfect for your bucks’ night.

5. Activities and games

Activities and games are the bread and butter of your bucks’ night. You don’t want the guests to be bored and wishing they were somewhere else. There are many game ideas available online. Be creative and adventurous.

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