Should You Hire a Central Coast Stripper or Go on a Trip to a Strip Club?

Should You Hire a Central Coast Stripper or Go on a Trip to a Strip Club? -
August 19, 2018 Strippers for hire

Strip shows have been around for a pretty long time, and are an excellent way to bond with your friends. There’s nothing like having good fun with the group all while being entertained by sexy Central Coast strippers and topless waiters. Nevertheless, knowing where to get that strip show matters. You should definitely think about whether you should hire a stripper in Central Coast or go to a strip club. Your choice depends on many things, but mostly the kind of fun you are looking for.

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide on this important matter.

5 things to consider when choosing between a strip club and a stripper for hire

Strip clubs and private strip performances for hire each have their pros and cons. It would be good to look at what these are if you’re thinking of going for a show. Do you want privacy or is a big crowd part of the fun? If you’re going with a group, make sure to consider what event you’re celebrating before you decide where to go.

1. Privacy

If you want the place all to yourselves, then definitely hire a stripper. If you want a big audience cheering and ogling with you, then go to a strip club!

Another thing to consider when choosing is the crowd. Some people wouldn’t want to be seen inside a strip club, so going is a no-no. It could be for work reasons. A preschool teacher ogling at hot men? No judgement here, but others don’t feel the same way! So, some people prefer to have their shows in private.

There are also other factors to consider. If it’s a hen or a buck’s party, privacy could be good. But if your group wants the feel of a crowd, then throw privacy out the window!

2. Budget

Many strip clubs just charge a door fee then the audience is free to watch the show until their eyes bleed. Private strip shows, on the other hand, usually charge by the hour.

Unfortunately, money doesn’t just grow on trees and we have our other more important needs to think about. If budget is a consideration, then opt to go with the cheaper option. Strip clubs are generally more affordable, but the crowd is definitely larger. If you want all the attention to yourselves, however, then hire private Central Coast strippers!

3. Ambiance

Our friends often have different preferences as to what kind of places they want to let loose in. If this is a big consideration, then you would have to choose carefully between going to a club and having a show in private.

One advantage that having a private stripper in Central Coast is that you get to pick where you want the performance to be. It can be anywhere – your flat, a hotel room, a pool, among many others. A disadvantage though is that these areas usually lack the staples that a bar would have – performing DJs and a lively crowd.

A strip club on the other hand is exactly that – a club. There’s a dance floor that everyone can use, excellent lights that are perfect for performances, and music to get everyone in the mood. This comes at the cost of less privacy.

Should You Hire a Central Coast Stripper or Go on a Trip to a Strip Club? -

4. Proximity and place

This one’s important. Are you really willing to go out of your way to go to a strip club? If that’s the case, then go! The collective enjoyment of an entire audience does help set the mood for the performance.

If the nearest strip club isn’t somewhere you’re willing to go to, though, then hiring a stripper would be your best option.

Strip shows are best enjoyed in groups. Make sure that the place you choose is convenient enough for you and your friends to go to!

5. How the strippers look

Lastly, and most importantly, go for a place that has strippers that are your type! You can check out the sites for companies that provide stripper hires, or the sites of local strip clubs. You wouldn’t want a show where you’re not into the dancers.

If you are looking for strippers and topless waitresses in Central Coast, contact Damien Party Entertainment.

Professional Central Coast strippers are not easy to find. Fortunately, we got that covered for you. We have attractive, sexy, friendly, and professional male and female strippers that are sure to give you a night you won’t forget. We’re tease, not sleaze, and we are ready to give you and your mates a great show. Contact us today.

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