Popular Strip Dances to Recreate

Popular Strip Dances to Recreate -
September 20, 2018 Strip Dancing

Many people, including university students, are now starting to appreciate the artistry in strip dance. This type of dance, which is also known as striptease, is a performance art that involves a performer dancing in a seductive manner. The stripper slowly takes off their outfit as they go on with the show.

Stripping is not only for show; it’s also a good form of exercise. There are different benefits you can get from striptease. It improves flexibility, gives a sense of grace, and increases confidence.

Two popular striptease routines you can try

Whether you are a creative performer who wants to perform or you just want to seduce, here are the two popular striptease routines performed by famous personalities that you can recreate.

Demi Moore’s Dance in Striptease

In the film Striptease, where Demi Moore assumed the role of a stripper and she did justice to strip tease. You will love recreating the dance that reflects her dominance, power, and strength.

The Mood and Character

The first thing that you need to take on the character. Leave your audience with an impression that you are there to dominate the show. The next thing to do is to set the mood or the atmosphere. Dim lights and blue neon light are a great combination. Lastly, choose a song that is strong and energetic but not too fast. In the movie, the music playing was Money Can’t Buy It by Annie Lennox.

The Costume

You need to dress masculine, but you’ve got to wear those dark stockings and high heels. The combination of white shirt, black jacket, and tie creates a powerful first impression. Accentuate your outfit with eye-catching panties. Wear a black hat to appear a bit mysterious. Hold a cigarette for attitude.

The Dance Moves

The contrast in the dance move is what made Demi Moore’s strip dance truly powerful and seductive. Your introductory movements should be sharp and energetic. Your steps must be sharp and large. Be quite confident with what you are doing.

Start masculine and slowly reveal your feminine side as you continue to undress. Emphasise your femininity with soft moves such as body waves. Drop the hat, let your hair flow, and peel off your clothes. To make your dance more interesting, you can perform against a wall or on a table.

Popular Strip Dances to Recreate -

Christina Aguilera’s Burlesque in Lady Marmalade

There are two things that you will pop up when you think about burlesque queens: sparkly costumes and their teasing, graceful dance. To be a stripper, you need to maintain a glamourous look and an amiable sexy attitude. You need to spend time on your costume.

The Character

You must be mysterious but alluring. You are gorgeous and unreachable. You are a confident queen and you should be enjoying all the attention you’re getting. Take control of the show. Tease and dance and do not let anyone take their eyes off you.

The Costume

The highlight of burlesque is the bright and sexy lingerie. In the Lady Marmalade video, you will notice that one of the three featured strippers is wearing two layers of underwear. You can add shiny accessories such as glass beads and sequins to your costume. Stockings, high heels, and gloves are important pieces of the outfit.

Your makeup and your hairdo will complete your fabulous look. Wear your red lipstick and blush. If you are not comfortable with your hair, wear a wig and you will feel like a totally different person.

The Dance Moves

Hip circles are common among burlesque queens because they accentuate the shape of the body. If you must bend, arch your back and do it gracefully. Raise your hand, point your toes and let the audience focus on your body. To highlight your posture, you can get a chair where you can stand, lie down, or move your foot. Be playful!

Have female strippers grace your party or teach you the basics of strip tease

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