Hiring Central Coast Topless Waiters for Valentine’s Day

central coast topless valentines day waiters
February 12, 2019 Special events

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Throw a great Valentine’s party that uni students will definitely enjoy with these awesome ideas.

Fun activity ideas with Central Coast topless waiters

From fun games to wild parties with topless waiters, if you’re anywhere near Central Coast, here are great activities that you can try:

My Secret Valentine

This is one of the best ice breakers that uni students will enjoy. Have guests write down three interesting things about them on heart-shaped papers and drop them in a glass bowl. As the party starts, have guests pick one of the papers and mingle to find the owner of the paper. Have some light drinks ready to get things going.

Name that Love Song or Else

Have some random pairs stand opposite each other in the middle of the floor. Prepare snippets of popular love songs. Play this song. The last person to identify the song will have to choose between taking a shot and kissing their partner. Do a couple of rounds before moving on to the next game.

Fifty Shades

A dance with one partner blindfolded is definitely the rage among uni students. It gives the experience a dash of mystery which really is a big turn on. You can ask some of the guests to wear a blindfold. Those guests who are not blindfolded will then go around and pick a partner. At a given time, they can talk to their partners to get to know them better. When the music plays, the blindfolded partner is led to the dancefloor for a slow romantic dance.

Hiring Central Coast Topless Waiters for Valentine’s Day -

To up the ante, blindfolded partners don’t have to know who their partner was. They will just be led back to their seats right after the dance. However, you can also have a variation in which, at the end of the dance, the blindfolds will be removed to reveal the partner. Feel free to decide which way to go.

Heart Cocktails

Have a variety of red liquids ready for mixing. You can have tomato juice, red liquor, and cherries. Let a couple of guests mix their own cocktails. Have everyone try some of the concoctions. The best one will be served to everyone at the party!

Uni students will surely have fun with this one so bottoms up! To make things raunchier, have the Central Coast topless waiters serve the drinks. Now that will heat things up – big time.

Sing Off

There are so many love songs that are currently at the top of the charts in Australia.  You can have a fun sing off Karaoke style. Make sure that drinks are served a-plenty to get more guests to share their gift of song (or lack thereof). Heat things up with Central Coast topless waiters serving the drinks up. That will surely be one night to remember.

The Kissing Game

Now we go to sexier games. Let’s first have the kissing game which is quite popular in Australia. Invite pairs to join the contest after explaining the following mechanics. One of the two will have to wear lipstick. At a given time, they must start kissing their partner on the cheeks. After stipulated time, person with the most kisses wins.

Hiring Central Coast Topless Waiters for Valentine’s Day -

Dance the Night Away

Uni students love to dance so make sure you’ve got a wonderful band playing or a great DJ doing their thing. Have a great mix of fun music and slow romantic songs for couples to dance the night away to. They will definitely appreciate beautiful music as they celebrate the day of love in the arms of their date.

Hire topless waiters in Central Coast

From excellent mixers to topless waiters, you can definitely throw the best Valentine’s Party with some of these ideas. Don’t tarry behind the times. Start planning out the perfect party because you deserve nothing but the best this Valentine’s Day!

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