Favourite Stripper Shoes

Favourite Stripper Shoes -
June 4, 2018 Stripper costumes

Shoes are some of the most important pieces of clothing that a stripper needs. Everything else usually just comes off. The choice of shoes a stripper wears really helps in setting the mood of the audience. Some audiences will also prefer themed strip performances. Strippers with a wide selection of shoes will be safe from the hassle of finding new ones that fit well with their different outfits.

A lot of things need to be considered when choosing shoes for performances. Comfort, sexiness, utility, and durability all come into mind. You wouldn’t want your sexy heels to break while you’re performing, right?

3 must-have shoes for male and female strippers


1.     Stilettos or High Heels

There’s nothing like a good pair of high heels or stilettos that look like they could kill. These go great with a lot of outfits. Sexy librarian, naughty professor, kinky secretary, the list goes on and on. They accentuate the legs pretty nicely, too! Out of all the shoes for women, these are at the top of the list.

2.     Boots

Boots are comfortable enough to dance around in. They’re quite sturdy, and the chances of the pair breaking during a performance is close to zero.

They’re also flexible for outfit choices. There are combat boots for the sexy soldier, fireman boots, and many more. It wouldn’t hurt to have a good selection at the ready!

3.     Wedges

Wedges may have fallen a bit out of style recently, but that’s the exact reason why you should get a pair. Some audiences want a bit of nostalgia in their shows, so why not just play along? A retro 80s or 90s look to relive the hormone-heavy teenage years would look great with wedges.

They are easier to move around in compared to heels and stilettos. This means that they’re a lot better for dancing. If teenagers in the 90s could do it, then you can definitely do it too!

Favourite Stripper Shoes -


1.     Sneakers

Probably the most comfortable to wear of all the shoes on this list. Sneakers are a classic. Durable, sexy, and quite easy to move around in. They also fit perfectly with the boy-next-door look. If a sporty or a bad boy look is what you’re going for, then definitely invest on a good pair of sneakers!

2.     Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are the best if a formal, authoritative type is what you’re going for. They’re durable as long as they’re cared for properly. They’re not exactly the best to move around in for dancing, but the appeal that leather shoes give off more than makes up for it!

If you’re aiming for the dominating boss look, or the dominated employee outfit, or you simply just want to look crisp in a suit, buy a pair of leather shoes!

3.     Boots

A lot of women like the look of a strong working man. It gives a sense of security, so use it to your advantage. Boots work great with these outfits. From working boots, to fireman boots, to good old fatigues, you should definitely purchase a pair. No good stripper can be caught dead without them.

Favourite Stripper Shoes -

Bonus! (For both men and women)

High leather boots

Who knows when you might need them? These are a must if your audience wants a leather-themed show. Just make sure that you get the right size and fit. They can be pretty hard to move around in. But always helps to be ready for what the customers need, right?

Shoes are important!

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