Dress Code in Strip Clubs, is there any?

dress code in strip clubs
December 29, 2018 Strip Clubs

Going to a strip club is truly fun and exciting. First timers, however, are keen to ask: is there a dress code to follow?

Some people put a lot of thought into their outfit for a night out, while others simply pick out anything from their wardrobe. No matter what your routines are when it comes to getting ready before going out, it is important that you still dress up appropriately for the occasion. Whether it is your usual Friday night, or a special event to celebrate with your mates, it would be best to dress nicely but comfortably. If you are a uni student or it is your first time to visit a strip club, read the dress code below to give you an idea of what people usually wear.

A gentleman’s night

A fine man will truly attract fine ladies. When going to strip clubs, it is important to radiate the aura of class and finesse. A gentleman’s club is pretty strict when it comes to their dress code as they require their guests to wear formal wear such as slacks and leather shoes. Even if the strip club you choose to go to is a little more laid back, it is still important to look well-groomed. This’ll make you look more fine-looking and approachable.

Clothing items to stay away from

Different strip clubs may have different dress codes which they implement. However, there are certain clothing items that are generally advisable not to wear.

Head wear

Are you the type who likes a hat? Well, there are  some hats you can wear in some strip clubs, but they’ll need to be more stylish than your old cap. Sporty hats such as baseball caps, as well as beanies, definitely do not fit the occasion. Some strip clubs may allow other kinds of hats that are on the formal side, such as a Trilby, while others have a strict no head wear policy.


While some strip clubs require their patrons to dress formally, others are a little laid back when it comes to their dress code. You can easily tell the clothing requirements based on the aura of the place you would be going to. You can also observe what other guests are wearing.

dress code in strip clubs central coast

Singlets, tank tops, and shorts should not be worn unless you are on the beach. Sportswear such as tracksuits and football jerseys or shorts are also better off worn at the gym or playing field. Also leave the costumes and sexy outfits to the club’s strippers. Shirts with offensive prints are for high school and college students and kids who should not be going to a strip club.


While you want to be comfortable through the night, sports shoes are usually not allowed. This is especially true if the club you are going to requires formal attire. Refrain from wearing slippers, sandals, work shoes, or boots because there is also no way these are going to be comfortable in a strip club.


Accessories are also an important part of one’s outfit and help us express ourselves better. However, large backpacks or bum bags must not be brought to a strip club for everyone’s safety. Sunglasses are also quite weird to be worn in a dark place especially during the night.

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