Common Mistakes Men and Women Do to Strippers (Don’t Be One of Them!)

Common Mistakes Men and Women Do to Strippers
October 21, 2018 Audience etiquette

If you have been to strip clubs or have been invited to a bucks’ night before, you should know that there is a proper etiquette that you need to observe. It doesn’t matter if you are having a private party or you are in a club; you need to know your limitations as a customer.

Statistics show that a number of strippers are putting themselves through college or supporting families, and that the vast majority consider it a legitimate way to earn money. Thus, the audience who are watching their shows should also show respect to them and to their craft.

5 things you should not do to strippers

Before you plan a party for your friends at the university, you should set some rules. Here is a list of the common mistakes men do to strippers for your reference:

1. Taking photos right in front of the stage

Even if you are in a private party and you have paid for the service of a female stripper, you should be careful about using your phone. Some men take photos of performing strippers without turning off the camera flash. This will distract the dancer who is trying to connect with her audience. You will not only hurt her eyes; you will also make her feel uncomfortable with what she is doing.

2. Giving excuses

Some men who do not want to be teased or those who do not want a lap dance would give many excuses. Some would say that they are married or they have a girlfriend who would not be happy to know that they have been dancing with someone else. Male and female strippers are well informed about their limitations. You can always say NO if you are not interested. They will definitely understand and they can always get someone who is willing to dance with them among the audience.

Common Mistakes done to strippers

3. Hurting the stripper during lap dance with sharp accessories

Before you get excited about the Central Coast strippers you have invited, make sure that you are wearing the proper attire for the party. Your detailed belts and your wallet accessories can hurt the skin of the woman during the lap dance. Keep your keys in your back pocket and do not wear pants with rough fabric. A woman’s skin is sensitive and the strippers are almost naked. The woman will surely appreciate if you are going to think of her wellbeing while she does her job.

4. Touching during lap dance

As a patron, you are expected to just sit and let the stripper move on top of you. Just enjoy the moment without letting your hands move. The common mistake, especially when drunk, is touching the Central Coast strippers’ skin. If you are not careful of your action, you could face charges. Always put in mind that these people are doing a legitimate job and they also deserve to be respected.

5. Soliciting for prostitution

Strippers are artists who want to perform and enjoy their craft. They deserve respect from clients as they do their job. Treat them like any other service and sales representatives. They are there to entertain and to make your hens night or bucks night more interesting. Treating them right is the least that you can do.

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