7 Best Games for a Hens Night

best games for hens night
April 1, 2018 Adult Party Ideas, Hen Party

So there’s a hen’s night for all the cool women in your social circle. A hen’s night would not be complete without exciting games that everyone will enjoy. Take a break from the brainstorming. Here are some of the hen’s night games you can consider!

‘Getting To Know You’ Ice Breakers

Popular among new students at universities across Australia is breaking the ice with ‘getting to know you’ activities. You can do the same thing for your party.

Make it more interesting with a round of drinks that will definitely get things going. For this ice breaker, you can stick an interesting word on each of the wine glasses. When the women arrive, let them get a glass randomly (no choosing!). They then have to go around and start a conversation with fellow hens using the word they just picked. This is definitely one great way to break the ice both literally and figuratively!

Wacky Poetry

With so many students around, why don’t you have some fun with literature? Have some possible subjects posted on a wall. From those subjects, guests can come up with the wackiest poems that they can create. Choose some of the hens to deliver their verses. You will definitely get some great laughs from this game.

Purse it Up

This is basically a ‘show me’ game that is pretty common across the country. To make it fit your hen’s party, ask for stuff that’s usually found in a woman’s purse. Here are some things that you can ask for:

  • Lipstick
  • Mirror
  • Hair clip
  • Comb
  • Credit Card
  • Tissue
  • Money

As prizes, you can have cute purses with goodies or sweets that you can give out for each person who can show any of the items you just asked. This is one game where everyone can surely participate without sweat. Moreover, it does not require so much prep time!

five beautiful ladies with a flying kiss pose

I Never

Here’s another popular game among students that you can include in your hen’s party.  It’s quite simple. Have some statements that begin with, “I never.” The girls who HAVE done what the statement says will have to take a shot.

For a non-alcoholic party, you can have a consequence like do some wacky dance moves or shout out the name of the person they ship. Here are some examples of I NEVER statements:

  • I NEVER was arrested.
  • I NEVER sneaked a guy in my room.
  • I NEVER dated the ex of a close friend.

The more interesting the topic, the better. Have more statements ready. Your guests can also volunteer statements. Follow-up questions to reactions are definitely encouraged!

Cocktails for Everyone

Here’s another way to get the creativity going while having tons of fun. University students will surely have a great time with this game though it takes longer prep time so you need to be ready for this game to really fly.

First, you’ve got to have different kinds of juices and liquor. You can even have interesting stuff displayed like tomato juice, tea, soda, milk, and chocolate syrup, to name a few. To make it even more interesting, set up a bar to do this game. Have each of the girls create an original cocktail and let everyone take a sip and vote for the best cocktail. You can crown the maker of the best concoction (with a real tiara and all!).  Have this cocktail prepared for everybody and make sure everyone takes a huge gulp together.

7 Best Games for a Hens Night -

Pin the Trunk on the Hunk

Yes, you’ve read it right. This is an alternative take of the popular Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. You can post pictures of the handsomest hunks in Australia on a wall.  Print some hot trunks and let the girls take turns in pinning them on any of the hotties while blindfolded. You can go even naughtier depending on the crowd you plan to invite.  Your guests will positively have fun with this game.

Dance Off

Crank that music up and have a mini dance off right in the middle of the room. Since it’s just you and the girls, you can definitely let loose. You can even invite hot dancers if you like just to spike those naughty levels. This would be one hot hens party that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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