6 Useful Tips for Enjoying the Topless Waitress Bar

topless waitress in the bar
September 18, 2017 Party Tips

Ordering from a topless waitress is a thrill and it’s easy to get a little over-excited. Here are useful tips to keep the experience enjoyable for everyone.

A gentlemen’s club is the perfect place to unwind. It offers alcohol, a laid back environment, and best of all, a topless waitress to wait on your beck and call.

It’s hard to think of a better combination for any man looking to lay back and enjoy an evening with friends, surrounded by scantily clad, beautiful women.

Despite the let loose atmosphere, there are a couple rules of etiquette to keep in mind during a night out. You don’t want your first interaction with your gorgeous topless waitress to be ruined with a clumsy overstepping of bounds.

Here’s what to know.

When To Touch Your Topless Waitress

Every place is different with their rules regarding how you can and should react with the adult entertainment.

Some places will encourage light flirtation, with a hand casual resting on her shoulder or hip. However, it’s always best to let your topless waitress initiate. Part of their job is to make you feel welcome, and they know the best methods with which to do that.

Some places require a completely hands-off approach. Make sure you listen to the bouncer when he tells you what you can and cannot do.

No matter what the specific rule is, always be respectful. It’s a fun environment but these women are working and you should respect their workplace.

Don’t put your hands where they don’t belong. Let your topless waitress come to you. Trust me, they’re experts in the art of flirtation.

No Fighting

A gentlemen’s club may have a unique atmosphere from any other bar experience you’ve had before, but the rules remain the same.

Any establishment that serves alcohol can occasionally give rise to rowdiness among its patrons.

Refrain from joining in. Not only will you be kicked out very quickly, you’ll have ruined what should be an extremely fun night.

What’s there to fight about when your topless waitress is serving you drink after drink. Sit back and enjoy the show. Leave the fighting outside.

Trying To Date The Girls

We’ve all heard the story. A young, inexperienced man walks into a gentlemen’s club and falls in love with the first girl he sets his eyes on.

She’s beautiful, wearing very little clothing, and paying attention to you in ways few women have before. This is one of the appeals of a gentlemen’s club. You get to feel like a rock star.

But don’t let that feeling go too far to your head. You’re a rockstar within the confines of the gentlemen’s club–when you are a paying patron. And she is working all night to shower you with love and affection.

But after hours and outside the club, the woman is on her time. Think of it as a client of yours coming up to you after business hours to try and elicit more business out of you while you are trying to enjoy your day off.

Courtship of these women should not happen while you are at the club. This means asking for their number, trying to arrange a date somewhere else later one, or offering money for some extra curricular activities when they get off work.

Enjoy your status as a rock star when you are in the club. Don’t ruin it by being overly creepy.

Dress Code

The dress code for any club varies, so it’s always wise to check beforehand. But most who use the distinction of gentlemen’s club expect their patrons to dress as such.

This means leaving the athletic shorts, the sweats, and the tank tops at home. Try and dress a little classier.

The beautiful women who surround you took the time to look their best. It’s common courtesy that you return the favor.

Private Dances

One of the most exciting aspects of a gentlemen clubs are the private dances many of them offer. This gives you some intimate one-on-one time with your favorite woman in the club.

However, just because you’ve gone behind closed doors, doesn’t mean the rules are thrown out the window. You need to respect the woman in the room the same way you would out on the club floor.

This means keeping your hands and your mouth to yourself. Let her do what she does best without any helping hands.

Drop Some Cash

Aside from not respecting the women, the quickest way to get yourself booted from a gentlemen’s club is not paying your way.

Think about a casino. They’re more than happy to give you free drinks as long as you’re spending money gambling. But once that stops, so does their incentive.

A gentlemen’s club is not the place to merely watch the game at the bar after ordering just a glass of water.

The women around you are working. Make sure you’re not too frugal to get into it with them. Pay for drinks, tip the women, pay for dances. You’re there to have fun, it’s not the time to be stingy.

Booking Your Entertainment

Sometimes you want the entertainment, and the topless waitresses, to come to you.

If you’re booking some adult entertainment for a party or event, many of the rules of etiquette listed above still apply. Show the women respect, don’t try and overstep your bounds, relax, and enjoy the show.

At Central Coast Strippers, you can choose from a variety of our topless waitresses to help spice up whatever party you’re planning.

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