5 Occasions Where Hiring Strippers is a Must!

September 12, 2017 Party Tips

Our Central Coast strippers will make sure to double to fun on your next event!

If you think that strippers for hire are just for buck or hen parties, then you are missing all the fun! Strippers add excitement and edgy, sexy fun to parties. Do not resort to the typical music and games. Spice it up with good-looking and professional strippers to make your party unforgettable.

Here are 5 occasions where you must hire strippers.


stripper pole dancing

1. Bucks Party

Bucks night tops our list, of course. A bucks’ party is the last party of the groom-to-be as a single bloke which is why strippers, sex toys as gifts, and other flirty and sexy activities are a bit non-negotiable!

In Central Coast, hire a stripper that can give sensual, fun yet classy performances for you and your friends. The idea of having strippers and other hedonistic features in a bucks party runs as far back as the ancient times when military men in Sparta would throw a feast for their fellow soldier who will soon be married.

Stay true to the tradition and make your bucks party a true rite of passage by hiring a stripper. A female stripper can dress in a costume, perform a sexy dance and tease you. Surely, your friends and mates will never forget your party, and you, of course.


sexy men for hens party strip show

2. Hens Party

If strippers must be present in a bucks party, there is no reason why the bride should not have fun as well. Although hens parties are believed to be tamer and more subdued than bucks parties, hiring male strippers can be one fun option for those who want to make the most of their last day as a single lady.

The presence of Central Coast male strippers is already an icebreaker in itself.No need for games or any other activity. The presence of a hot, hunky, and entertaining man is enough to keep you entertained the whole night.


excited girls at a hens party strip show

3. Birthday Party

Who says a birthday party can’t have some sexy, kinky fun? For girls or boys who are about to enter adulthood, a stripper can be a great party gift.

Your 21st birthday comes only once and it must be celebrated like no other. The stress of planning a birthday party comes from thinking whether your party will be memorable. By hiring a professional stripper who has the experience to entertain various types of guests, you no longer need to think of party favours, games and prizes. A stripper can provide an all-around entertainment with no lull or down times. Surely, there will never be a dull moment in your birthday party.


two female strippers for bucks party

4. Divorce Party

No better way to celebrate an end to an excruciating divorce than a party with strippers. Why not celebrate your new-found freedom with a night of dancing and flirty interactive entertainment with a stripper?

Divorce is a long, painful process. After you get the finality of a divorce, you get a new beginning, a new chapter in your life. Before you tread this new territory, why not throw a grand and sexy party?


people at bar enjoying birthday drinks

5. Uni Party

A house full of uni boys or girls will never have enough fun without the presence of a stripper. A strippers Central Coast, male or female, can satisfy the raging hormones of teenage boys and girls who want a night to unwind from their hectic uni life. Aside from alcohol, strippers can provide a temporary escape to the otherwise serious and tasking day to day life of university students.


people enjoying celebration party

Call to hire professional Central Coast strippers

Central Coast topless waiters and strippers, male or female, are guaranteed to have all the looks, skills and tricks to make any kind of party fun. But you do not want your party to be sleazy or smutty. You want sexy, high class entertainment that will appeal to your guests.

For party male and female strippers, hire only the services of a professional entertainment company like Central Coast Strippers. Go ahead and check out our packages today!

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