Is Stripping for Everyone?

is newcastle stripping for everyone
April 23, 2019 Stripping

Stripping, also known as exotic dancing, may be a high-income job that attracts people from all walks of life through-out the world, including Australia. Most people, however, have prejudices against this line of work as dancing and entertaining for money is still  stigmatised  despite some people’s progressive thinking.

Working as a stripper can also be quite competitive because the bottom line is that this is still a sales job, where fantasy and desire are the main products. Unfortunately, not everyone can be an effective stripper. So, here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking of getting into the world of adult entertainment.

newcastle strippers dance

1. Do you know how to dance?

This is a basic requirement. You have to know how to move your body and be aware of how you look while dancing with little or no clothes on. To get some ideas on the best stripper dance moves, perhaps it will help to watch movies like Magic Mike or Showgirls. You can also look for video clips on YouTube for some insights.

newcastle strippers sell themselves

2. Do you know how to sell yourself?

To become a good stripper, you must have a signature move and a ’brand’ that will make you stand out from the others. There are a lot of attractive people working as strippers, but you can set yourself apart and charm more clients if you have a specific move and identity that will captivate the audience’s attention.

Costumes and makeup are part of your package, so you have to think of this carefully. Pick out ensembles that will go with your act and won’t cause a distraction or bore your clients.

newcastle strippers comfortable with stripping

3. Do you feel comfortable with stripping?

The head of a recruitment firm told Fortune that if you can’t write down that you’ve worked as a stripper in your resume, then it could be a sign that this job is not for you. You need to feel comfortable with this line of work!

Ideally, you must also find a club or company that makes you feel at ease. Female strippers especially need to know if their employer will protect them because the culture in every club or company is different.

newcastle strippers are good talkers

4. Are you a good conversationalist?

Although stripping entails mostly dancing, sometimes you’ll need to talk to your clients. Some clients might ask personal questions as you’re giving them a lap dance, and you have to be ready to respond without offending the client or feeling offended yourself.

You need to establish rapport with the client because that’s part of what you’re paid to do – to please and entertain them.

As such, it is to your advantage if you are a witty and quick thinker who can always come up with something amusing. It also helps break the ice if you know what to say to the client, especially if you’re stripping for someone who has never been physically up close and intimate with another person before.

newcastle strippers have healthy habits

5. Do you have healthy habits?

If you smoke, drink to excess, or have other vices or indulgences, then working as a stripper might not be the right job for you. You’ll be working in an industry where all of these are accessible and the occasional drink or smoke could help loosen you up a bit so you could enjoy your job. If you can’t control your vices, however, then you could end up easily disregarding your health, which may affect your job performance.

newcastle strippers have long term plans

6. Do you have a separate long-term plan?

It goes without saying that stripping is a short-term job. At a certain age, you’ll be ready to retire because you’re no longer young, appealing and energetic, and there will be other people taking your place. So, if you’d like to work as a stripper, you have to have a long-term goal other than dancing to entertain other people. You have to accept the reality of this job’s future so that you can properly plan and save up when that time comes.

If you’re looking to learn how to strip, you should learn it from the best! Hire Central Coast strippers for a fun learning experience.

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